Tuesday, December 28, 2010

YouTube Hitech Institute English Speaking Course f4v

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  1. English plays important role in day to day life. If you have command over English, you will not be able to feel shy in Society. Most of the Student in today Era feel hesitant to speak English. HI-Tech Institute help students to overcome this type of hesitation with the help of well qualified teachers and well structured course module, so that no student should face the problem of command over English. With effect of Globalization and many Indian Company opening their Overseas Branch, enormous expansion of various Retail Outlets and Call Centre jobs both in urban and rural India has opened Pandora box for job seekers, even they are not well qualified. But hurdles lie in lack of proper communication to
    customers/clients and their fellow colleagues in same organization. Employers are increasingly short listing those candidates for jobs who have flair of English at least at communication level.

    Unfortunately, many successive Governments have neglected importance of imparting English knowledge to the masses that resulted in acute shortage of adequate numbers of English speaking job seekers.

    Hi-Tech Institute realized this importance and started well researched and structured English speaking course modules of short duration to make such large population employable for emerging market. Our Courses are useful for following categories:

    Housewives who are shy of attending parties and seminars, symposium and conferences of their husbands.
    Housewives who seeks to get employed part time/full time to support family or as
    Job Seekers who are not fluent in spoken English.
    Hobbyists who want to improvise their English.
    We at Hi-Tech encourage conversations among themselves on routine matters, so that from day one they come to know importance of such course.
    English Speaking Course Benefits are:
    You will be more confident and effective as a speaker after this course.
    You will learn to get and keep the attention of an audience.
    You will have better interpersonal skills after completing our course.
    You will learn to communicate and articulate your thoughts and ideas much better.
    You will get the credit that you deserve whenever you speak in public.
    You will learn to speak concisely, clearly and confidently with anyone.
    You will develop your leadership skills.
    You will increase your general speech fluency.
    You will be more conscious of your personal potential.
    You will have no fear of impromptu or spontaneous speaking challenges.
    You will increase your opportunities for career advancement.
    Our course helps you speak confidently and effectively in any situation.
    Our course helps you become less shy and more confident with people.
    Our course encourages you to look inside yourself and explore what matters to you.
    Our course enhances your ability to help and train others.
    Our course enhances your ability to motivate others.
    Our course enhances the ability to promote your college, organization or business.
    Our course will improve your social life.
    Our course will improve your self esteem in leaps and bounds.
    Our course will improve your reading and writing skills.
    Our course will help you speak out in important situations, as parent, child, student, youth, citizen, etc.
    People who can communicate well are always wanted in any organization.
    Learn to understand your audience better - what do they want, need, like, care about, etc.
    Learn to listen, critically evaluate, discriminate type of message, and write excellent speeches.
    Learn to be a more sensitive and skilled communicator.
    Public speaking has always been one of the topmost skills demanded by employers.
    Learn to speak concisely, clearly and confidently.
    Master the ability to speak effectively in public anywhere, anytime.